The HFD Shipment integration is the best eCommerce experience for local Israeli merchants using Shopify.

The app advantage:

* Easy to install.

* Save time

* Support pickup points in Israel

#Features of HFD integration Shipping App

1. Automatic Order Sync – Integrating your Shopify website with HFD shipments allows you to automatically sync all the orders from your Shopify store with your HFD account.

2. Automatic Shipping method integration with your Shopify checkout.

3. No Technical Knowledge Required - You don’t need any technical know-how for connecting with HFD, just install it and use it.

4. Unified Technical Support - Get all the shipping and technical support from a single point of contact.

5. Support shipment to a pickup point.

6. Print Shipping Labels - Print shipment label in one click

7. Re-print Labels