If you are an active customer of YDM online - you can use the application to generate  YDM online labels through Shopify, and schedule pickups directly from your Shopify admin. 

Set-up Steps:

  1. Install the app in any store.

  2.  Approve the application of the requested permissions.

  3. In the app setting under "Enter YDM credentials" enter the client ID you received from YDM.

Schedule a pickup

  1. 4 Verify the order in Shopify you like to schedule a pickup is : 
    1. In the Ship to address use any address in Israel with Israeli ZIP code.
    2. The order is marked  Paid.
  2.  From the order Go to “More actions”  menu and select  “Send to YDM” 
  3. Select one of  the shipment options  :
    1.  To order a Delivery by Regular shipping 
      1. Select the radio button near "Regular shipping"
      2. Optionally adds a remark to the Address. The note will be included only in Regular shipping
  4. Once you selected one of the option Press "Create shipment" buttons
  5. You will receive a confirmation a shipment was created with a tracking number.
  6. To print the label press the “Print Label” button. A separate tab will open allowing you to view and print a PDF with the label formatted for YDM delivery.