The video attached  below is a screencast for part G. App review instructions in the application submission

Instructions steps demonstrated in the screen cast :

1. Install the app in any store that ships from and to Israel.

2. Approve the application's requested permissions.

3. In the app settings under "Set-up" you will need to enter ZigZag User and Password, 

you can use this for testing: 

User: amosboaideas


4. Enter new order in Shopify.

5. In the Ship to address use any address in Israel with Israeli ZIP code. The addresses need to be written in Hebrew. For example:

    Example 1: אבן גבירול 14 city: תל אביב country: Israel Zipcode: 6407716

6. Mark the order as Paid.

7. From the order Go to “More actions” menu and select  “Send to ZigZag”

8. The screen to create a shipment will open.

9. Choose a location you're shipping from (must be a valid Israeli address) and press create shipment button

10. You will receive a confirmation a shipment was created with a tracking number.