If you are an active customer of Isgav - you can use the application to generate  Isgav Shipment through Shopify, and schedule pickups directly from your Shopify admin. 

 Set-up Steps:

 Install the app in any store.

  1.  Approve the application of the requested permissions.

  2. In the app setting under "Enter Isgav credentials"  you received from Isgav.You will need: enter your Isgav client ID 

  3. Press Save

Schedule a pickup

    1.   Verify the order in Shopify you like to schedule a pickup is : 

      1. In the Ship to address use any address in Israel in Hebrew with Israeli ZIP code.

      2. The order is marked  Paid.

    2.  From the order Go to “More actions”  menu and select  “Send to Isgav” 

    3. The create shipment screen will open.

    4. If you have more the one location in Shopify - Select the one the shipment is delivered from.

    5. Once you selected one of the options Press the "Create shipment" button.

    6. You will receive a confirmation a shipment was created with a tracking number.

    7. If you like to view and verify the shipment was created click the Isgav system link on the screen.

    8. The Isgav website will open. Copy into the input box the tracking number you received in Shopify and press the yellow button to find the shipment.

    9. Isgav website will Display the shipment details - using the Shopify Order number as the shipment Reference number

    10. If you will try to create a shipment for an order already with a shipment - you will receive a screen telling you the tracking number.