Shopify Hashaliach Integration FAQ



Who can use the Shopify Hashaliach Integration?

Any active customer of Hashaliach that installed the application in his Shopify store can generate  Hashaliach Shipment through Shopify.

Why do I  need to approve the application of the requested permissions?

To create a Shipment through Shopify, we need to know the Orders details and the requested shipment details.

Where can I find my Hashaliach credentials?

Hashaliach credentials are received directly from Hashaliach. You will need a Username and Password from Hashaliach website. This is a link to the Hashaliach contact page.

Can I place the address in English?

No. the Ship to address has to be in Israel and have to Hebrew with an Israeli ZIP code. Hashaliach can not create a shipment for an address not in Hebrew.

Can I Create a shipment for an order not paid by the customer or marked as paid?

No. The order has to be marked  Paid.

Can I Create a shipment for an order without a customer or an address?

No. The order has to have a customer and valid Israeli address in Hebrew.

Can I ship from more the one location?

If you have more the one locations set-up in Shopify, you will be able to select the one the shipment is delivered from

Can I create more them one shipment from an order?

No. At this point, the application support creation of a single shipment per order. If you try to create a shipment for an order already with a shipment - you will receive a screen showing you the tracking number.

Where can I find more information on my shipment using a tracking number?

Hashaliach shipments status can be received directly from Hashaliach. This is a link to the Hashaliach web site where you can use the tracking number.